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The Team

Melbourne, Australia

Michael Carniato

About Michael

Michael got into website development and marketing when he saw the power of its reach. He is still amazed how you can make something one week, then have thousands of visitors the next. He loves interacting with his clients and audience, both online and offline.

Melbourne, Australia

Peter Reginald

About Peter

Peter has over 20 years experience in business, systems and process management. His strategic insight in business world is unsurpassed. His passion is to create predictable transformation for clients.

Our Story

We started with Peter and Michael collaborating in their own separate businesses. Michael would call Peter for some help on a project, and Peter would do the same. With over 25,000+ hours between them, they found they had skills that complimented the other. Not long after, they combined resources and knowledge to create Digital Sanctum. A place where people come to bring their idea to life.

Our Values

We take our values seriously. We live, and breath them everyday. Click on each value to see how we defined them.


Ownership that you are solely in control of your outcomes in life

Client Focus

We’re in the business of maximising client appreciation, client intimacy and 10/10 experience.


The standard of consistently exceeding expectation.

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