Case study


Generated 1700+ leads in 4 months using inbound marketing

The challenge

Tradiematepro was a new brand with no prescence, no network, and no previous following. On top of this they had very few marketing assets to start to build a community and following.

I’ve engaged other advertising, marketing, and social media companies in the past but Digital Sanctum certainly has something unique and different.

Travis Reading

CEO, Tradiematepro


Inbound from the beginning

From the start, we made inbound a key focus with the goal of building an audience by creating useful, and helpful content that built trust.

Creating a conversion focused website

Step 1 in our inbound marketing plan was to create a conversion focused website that told the story of how Tradiematepro helped their ideal buyer with their challenges and goals.

At every touch point in Tradiematepro’s website there are a number of opportunities to trial their Accelerator Program free for 30 days. Using the power of the Hubspot CRM we were able to track who visited which page allowing Tradiematepro’s sales team to call highly qualified leads at the right time.


Helping their ideal buyer by creating useful and practical content

At the heart of the inbound methodology it’s all about creating useful content for your ideal buyer that builds trust, loyalty, and brand equity.

Tradiematepro’s ideal buyers are tradie business owners, so we built specific content and tools that solved their challenges. Some of these tools were:

  • An hourly rate calculator that helped them find out their true worth as a tradesman
  • An infographic on how to hire the best apprentices
  • A budget calculator to support them in getting their finances in check


Just 4 months after execution, Tradiematepro has gained a huge following of 1700+ in the tradie market and are now in the position to leverage that even further going forward.



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