Ground rules

Speak with good purpose

If it does not serve, do not say it. (See: Rolling Thunder article)

Ask clarifying questions

When I disagree, or do not understand, ask clarifying questions. (See: Ben Franklin Article)

Act with integrity

Act with Integrity; tell my truth; agree to disagree is the minimum level of behavior.  Avoid half truths and misleading behavior (words and/or deeds).


Agree that communication is the response I get.


Make only agreements that I am willing and intend to keep.

If I cannot keep an agreement

If I cannot keep an agreement, communicate it as soon as practical to the appropriate person.

Treat “We” like I SHOULD treat “Me”.

Giver’s Get

Before I ask for X unconditionally give at least X+++ first.

Speak only for myself

Speak only for myself; obtain permission from any other person before I speak for or commit that person to anything.

Above the Line

Act & communicate “Above the Line:” Each individual needs to be responsible for continuously improving the organisation’s system.

No laying blame, justifying or shame. (I am responsible for correcting the “system.”  Laying blame, justifying or shame wastes time.)



Laying Blame



Win or learn

You either win or learn the only way to lose is to give up.