Digital Sanctum Brain Dump podcast

In this episode

    • We have our special guests YOU and Kern Kapoor from Body Knows Best.
    • That’s right folks our friend Kern is joined us to share his weight loss journey and also how he has leveraged his experience to improve his client’s health and well being.

Guest introduction

About Kern

  • Born in India, raised in Italy.
  • Lost 34kgs and kept it off.
  • create a community of 10,000 people who have undergone long-term body transformation.
  • Marathon meditator, Bollywood dancer, stand up comedian, nutrition coach.

Primary topic

  • Losing and keeping off 34kgs.

Secondary topic

  • Why is mindset as important as, if not more important than the theory of nutrition and health goals?


I started my content and ad spend strategy around Facebook but I’m looking into diversifying into other platforms. Is this a good idea for me right now and if so, what platforms would you recommend for ad spend and content marketing strategies?

Closing thoughts

  • Who would you like to hear on this podcast?
    • Precision nutrition