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Sheila and Marcus Gillette are co-founders of The THEO Group, an organisation dedicated to sharing the wisdom teachings of the twelve archangels who speak through Sheila known as THEO. THEO is here to guide humanity to a higher state of consciousness.

AskTHEO Meditations and Dialogues

Sheila and Marcus host a popular web series called “AskTHEO Live”. They then share these series online with their audience. Along with their web series they sell digital recordings known as THEO Guided Mediatations and THEO Dialogues. The guided meditations provide the listener with a specific experience, and designed to heighten your vibrational frequency. Most AskTHEO Dialogues are in a Q&A format with THEO and Marcus, while others are recordings produced from live events. Have a look at AskTHEO before, and after.

Membership & eCommerce Integration

AskTHEO sells products ranging from live events, website memberships, audio downloads, and books. We used Woocommerce along with WordPress to add, swap, and update products.