Showing The World How Simple Healthy Living Is

Have A Look

Barefoot Blender is a smoothie van travelling to all Australia’s music festivals. They want to share what they call the “barefoot vibe”. This vibe is centered around great music, healthy food, and friends dancing and having fun.

Showing the World how Easy Healthy Living is

Barefoot Blender’s goal is to “show the world how easy healthy living is”. I’ve volunteered in their van on many occasions, and they deliver what they set out to do. Their primary product is smoothies they make from fruits, coconut water, nuts, and seeds. They wanted to provide people with the resources to live this way outside of festivals. That’s when James (founder of Barefoot Blender) came to Alacrity Web Development asking to build a site that represented is brand. Check out Barefoot Blender here.

Juice Cleanses & Health Programs

Along with an accurate representation of the brand, James wanted to set up eCommerce and health programs. With a plugin called Woocommerce, we were able to set James up with selling juices cleanses and health programs in no time at all!