A Dentist With A Great Bedside Manner

Have A Look

Glenlyon Dental Clinic is a clinic based in Melbourne, Victoria. Their key focus is making coming to the dentist a joyful experience. I’ve experienced their care first hand and can tell you they deliver.

Ease of Use

When Mani (founder of Glenlyon Dental) came to me and asked to update his website, one of the first things I asked him was “how many pages?”. This wasn’t to get a price, it was to establish if he in fact needed a multi-page site. Judging by the look of his old site it seemed odd to create many pages for such little content. So I said, “Mani let’s make this a single page website”.

Instead of people having to click on links, refresh the page, go to another link, refresh again. We put everything on one page, enhancing the user experience. Have a look at Glenlyon Dental before, and after.

Education & Professionalism

Mani wanted to showcase his expertise in the field of dentistry. So we put several of his services with a popup to show his knowledge. Along with all these benefits Mani wanted a way for people to contact him with specific details. Thanks to our knowledge with WordPress, we were able to accommodate.