Fitness For The Body & The Mind

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Andrea Hollander struggled for years with negative body image, an eating disorder, and was in hospital 4 times. After she had a cardiac arrest and was in a coma for a week, she woke up recognising she had been given a second chance. This led to her creation of Hollander Fitness. She wanted to share her story with the world and help in any way she could. That’s where Alacrity Web Development came in.

Fitness For The Body & The Mind

Along with being a personal trainer, Andrea is also an expert in eating disorders, over exercising, and dieting. She wanted her site to reflect these aspects of her life, along with sharing all her knowledge and know how.

Real Talk & Instagram

Andrea is an avid Instagrammer, showcasing new exercises, showing what delicious food she is eating that day, or providing encouragement. Andrea wanted her Instagram feed to be one of the focal points of her site, we did this via an API (application programming interface). Along with her Instagram feed she releases frequent blog posts she calls, Real Talk. Where she writes about her experiences relating to eating disorders and how to overcome it.