Bringing Raw Food To The Masses

Have A Look

The Seeds of Life is a raw food cafe in Ubud, Bali. None of there food is cooked above 48 degrees (celsius) and is all sourced from farmers within the surrounding villages of Ubud. Twice a year the owner, Ben runs training’s to prepare and deliver foods like the cafe.

The Seeds Of Life Raw Food Chef Certification

Ben created the training’s to provide insight into the world of raw food. He teaches all about produce identification, equipment, flavor balancing, dairy free alternatives, fermentation, and much more. Ben wants to empower people to live the healthiest lives they can, and he does this through raw food. Here is The Seeds of Life before and after.

Showcasing The Retreat

When we first started creating The Seeds of Life website we found it difficult to capture the essence of what made The Seeds of Life special. We wanted to show off the wonder the students felt as they created something extraordinary, or when the students took a bite of their first raw meal. Togetherness is what Ben strives for in his retreats, and through constant collaboration we brought that feeling into his website.