A Health Coach's Personal Brand

Have A Look

Tegan Steele is the author of ‘365 Days of Wholeness’. She is also an entrepreneur, a health coach, animal advocate, and motivational speaker. Digital Sanctum supported Tegan with her dream of “making the world a healthier place one person at a time”.

Tegan’s Personal Brand

It was important that Tegan’s personal brand showcased who she was and what she wanted to do for the world. We worked many hours together so we got her design right.

Recipes, Blogs & eCommerce Integration

Along with a beautiful design, we had to include several functionalities. Tegan is an avid blogger, creates her own vegan recipes, and sells products she hand makes herself. We had to make it easy for Tegan to add, subject, or change any of her content with ease. For this we went with the platform known as WordPress. With this platform Tegan can add a recipe, blog, or sell any of her own products.