Initial work/setup (first 30 days)

Buyer persona workshop

In this workshop, we will work with you to create the initial 2 buyer personas that will drive the marketing activities.

Technical setup

This task involves the setup of all the correct tags for the website, form creation, logins for the platforms we’ll be using, etc.

Create templates

We will create the templates required to streamline production. These templates include:


  • The main blog page
  • Single blog page
  • Content offer landing page
  • Program/event signup page
  • Thank you page
  • Emails
  • + anymore templates that are required

CRM setup

The initial setup of the CRM includes creating the contact properties required for your sales team, custom deal stages, and the marketing setup.

Establish sales and marketing service level agreement (SLA)

This is an agreement so we all have clarity on what is expected from the marketing and sales departments. Eg, when a lead comes into the database how long until the sales team connects with them.

Marketing plan workshop

This workshop is where we collaborate on your high-level goals, what campaigns we’ll be running for the first 6 months, and the creation of the SMART goals to reach your high-level goals.

Develop the inbound marketing strategy

We put together the strategy based on your goals so that we all have clarity on how the service will be carried out.

Website audit

Auditing your website can determine whether or not it’s optimized to achieve your traffic goals, and if not, how we can improve it to increase performance. We also look at SEO performance within the website audit.

Google Ads audit

A Google Ads audit allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad accounts. An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Once we’ve identified these issues, we can get to work on improving the overall health and performance of the account.

Social Ads audit

Similar to the Google Ads audit, a social ads audit will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of your social ad accounts.

Google Ads setup

Once we have done the Google Ads audit we will restructure the Google account so we follow best practices. We’ll also run a keyword analysis and set the account up accordingly.

Social Ads setup

After we run the buyer persona workshop we’ll have a greater understanding of the audience we’ll be targeting. We’ll set the social ads to specifically target these personas.

Ongoing work

For ongoing work, we use an agile marketing approach.


Every month we’ll be publishing one pillar pack using the topic cluster model. A pillar pack consists of 6 blog posts and 1 pillar article. Read more about the topic cluster model here

Buyer persona development

Every month we’ll take a deep dive into the CRM to make sure we’re constantly gathering data to further improve our personas and messaging.

On page SEO

We will perform monthly optimization of certain web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

Ad management

Ad management will consist of creating audiences to target, creating the ad copy, graphics, and adjusting the keywords we target based on data collected.

Social publishing

Using the Hubspot tool we’ll set up automatic scheduling of the blog posts we create so it goes out to social audiences on:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Campaign creation and management

Every 2 months we’ll focus on a creating a new campaign, this could be to promote a content offer (ebook, infographic, checklist, calculator, etc) or promote an event (webinar, tradeshow, etc). We’ll also gather data and form hypothesis to further improve our marketing efforts.

Content offer creation

Every 2 months we’ll create a new content offer to promote to your website visitors. This could be in the form of an ebook, infographic, checklist, calculator, etc.

Landing page creation

Every month we’ll create and optimise landing pages to turn visitors to leads.

Here are a few examples:

Example #1

Example #2

A/B testing

With every content campaign we create we build A/B tests so that we can test and measure each element to scientifically determine what’s driving results.

CTA creation and path building

By creating target CTA’s we will lead our visitors to the landing pages for them to download an offer from us or sign up for an event.

Email campaign creation and management

Each month we’ll create an email campaign consisting of 5 emails to be used in lead nurturing sequences.

Marketing automation and nurturing

Along with building lead nurturing workflows, we’ll work with your sales team to automate tasks so they can call prospects at the right time and be prepared with the right information.

Setup and optimise conversational bots

Within Hubspot conversational bots. We are able to build a conditional conversational bot so that it’s highly targeted to the current website visitor getting the information they need at the right time.

Developing SMART content

Using Hubspot targeting we can serve the most relevant content to the current website visitor. Read more on SMART content here

CRM implementation training

Adopting a new CRM into your business can be met with some resistance. One session per month we’ll work with your team to implement Hubspot effortlessly.

Ongoing CRM and data maintenance

Keeping your CRM data clean is important, so each month we’ll go through the database and tidy it up so your team can focus on the important work.

Integration management

Hubspot has many integrations that improve productivity and allow for many opportunities to extend the platform. Each month we manage these integrations so everything is working smoothly.

Custom integrations

Using the Hubspot API we can tie any number of your services into Hubspot so you have that single source of truth for ever role at your company.

Sales support and enablement

Businesses with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams generate on average 208% more revenue from marketing. We’ll work with your sales team to better align marketing and sales, this could be by creating a sales playbook, creating email templates, setting up meetings links, creating SLA’s, using video in sales emails, and providing CRM maintenance.

Monthly ROI reporting

Once a month we’ll go over the previous months reports to check in on how we’re moving towards our goals.

Weekly performance reporting

Each week you’ll receive an email with the previous week’s results.

Campaign performance reporting

Every month we’ll look at each of the campaigns to see which ones are performing well and strategise how we can improve.

Monthly strategy/review meeting

Using the scientific approach of test and measure, these monthly review meetings will allow us to get a sense of where we’re all at working together, what is working, what we can improve, and plan out the next months worth of work.